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"Daycare & Train" Program


At The Urban Dog, you will learn:

* a no-treat training method – we will teach you how to communicate with your dog in their language - energy and body language, to bring harmony and balance into your lives.

In Module 1 you will learn:

* How to become the one your dog looks to for guidance and instruction.

* The proper way to walk your dog.

* The standard obedience commands of sit, down, stay, come and finish.

* How to address and rehabilitate any behavioral issues your dog may have.

* Module 1 is a 4 week 'daycare & train' program consisting of a weekly one on one  session once a week for four consecutive weeks with the family, and your choice of 2x or 3x a week for your dog to train while at daycare.  For more information and pricing, please call or email  us.

In Module 2 you will learn:

* how to take your Module 1 skills to a whole new level

* off leash heeling

* how to work with your dog without using a word, by using only hand signals for all of the standard commands from Module 1.

* introducing the silent whistle for recall.

* “out-of-sight” sit-stays and down-stays.

* Module 2 is a 6 week training course, one hour per class, once a week for six consecutive weeks. Classes are taught outside weather permitting, in a group setting.

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