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The Urban Dog Dog Daycare is Edmontonian's favourite Dog Daycare & Boarding Facility. You needn’t go any further than The Urban Dog for all of your doggie needs. We are your one-stop shop facility including dog daycare, boarding, grooming, training and rehabilitation. Your dog’s home away from home here in the city. Come for a day of daycare or stay for a week! Keep an eye out for our ongoing monthly specials and draws! Come for a visit, stay for the fun!! 

Dog Daycare


*Drop your dog off for a full day of fun, frolic and a little schooling tossed in for good measure. We at The Urban Dog will work with many issues you may have with your dog at home or out and about ie: jumping, barking, shyness, socialization. We work with you to bring harmony and balance to your pups. As the saying goes, it takes a village.

* We match dogs for play according to temperament, play style and energy, so you never have to worry about your dog’s safety.

*Exercise & Socialization: Daycare is fantastically beneficial for your dog’s physical health and emotional well being. Dogs need exercise and socialization just like we humans do. The Urban Dog provides your pups with supervised playtime to express their normal inner doggy behaviour, and allows them the opportunity to meet and play with new dogs and learn how to properly socialize and interact with other dogs.  They learn terrific socialization skills with the other dogs while here.

* Dogs with excess energy get to have a proper treadmill walk (at their own proper natural pace) before playing in the off leash supervised daycare area.

*Relief from Boredom and Destructive Behaviour: Is your dog bored? Does he/she exhibit destructive behaviours? Is your furniture, carpets or baseboards being chewed on? Daycare can help with destructive behaviour your pup can get up to if left alone too long in the house, or digging up the backyard if they have access to outside. The Urban Dog Daycare provides your dog with exercise, the mental stimulation of socialization and a consistent routine, it also provides them with a terrific change of scenery . And as a bonus, a well-exercised pup is a satisfied, better behaved pup.

* In the summer time, we have swimming pools outside for them to enjoy, and (year round) portable cots they can lay on to suntan or relax on, both inside and outside.

* Everyone at The Urban Dog is Pet First Aid Certified.

* We are very strict on cleanliness and hygiene and we also support the environment by using only eco-friendly, pet-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.

* We are open Monday to Friday 6:30am-7:00pm to serve you.

**Please Note: We do not accept aggressive dogs.


Dog Boarding


* 24 hour supervision

* All inclusive holiday for your pet – overnight boarding includes lots of daycare play during the days

* Fully integrated – your dog will be with other dogs the whole time – they are not separated into ‘dog run’ style of boarding

* Consistency with your at home routine – if your pup sleeps in their crate at home, we will crate them, if they sleep on their bed crate-free, we have them sleep on their bed crate-free - whatever they are used to at home, including lots of cuddles and love.

* Located 10 minutes north of West Edmonton Mall & 1 block north of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel West & Staybridge Suites West Edmonton.

* $49 per night, 2nd & 3rd dog receives 10% discount

* Ask us about longer term stay discounts (10 or more nights)

* Please note: If you are dropping off or picking up on the weekend or a holiday day, our weekend and holiday day pick up and drop off hours are 8:00am-11:00am and 4:30pm-6:00pm. Otherwise Mon-Fri 6:30am-7:00pm are our regular hours.

* Dogs picked up after 12:00 noon will be charged for the day of daycare ($39.00+gst).

**Please Note: We do not accept aggressive dogs.


Christina bio pic_edited_edited.jpg


Dog Training

Group Obedience Classes (see levels and start dates below)

$240.00  -  6 week program   

Min 4 dogs, Max 6 dogs

Non-refundable, non-transferable

Foundation Skills Class

Puppies and owners will learn:

• Attention games              • Sit/Down/Stand

• Recall (come command)  • Leave-it

• Impulse control                • Place/settle

• Heel position and loose leash skills

• Crate games                     • Handling and grooming

• Body awareness games    • Body language skills

• Problem behaviour intervention

• Controlled puppy interaction



Pre-req: no previous training needed.

Dogs and their owners will learn:

• Attention games                 • Sit/Down/Stand

• Recall (come command)    • Leave-it

• Impulse control                  • Place/settle

• Heel position and loose leash skills

• Crate games                      • Handling and grooming

• Body awareness games     • Body language skills

• Problem behaviour intervention

 **NEXT CLASS STARTS: WEDNESDAY May 29th at 7:00pm


Pre-req: Foundation Skills, Beginner Obedience, or equivalent.

This class will continue building on the skills learned in the Beginner level class.

We will now start working on the three D’s of training (duration, distance, distraction)!

• Sit, down, stand – with “stay” or duration and adding distance

• Recall with distance and distractions

• Polite greetings on leash    • Advanced heeling skills

• Leave it (people, items, dogs)

• Plus much more!

 **NEXT CLASS STARTS: WEDNESDAY May 29th at 8:15pm


This class will teach you many foundation tricks. Tricks build confidence

in your dog and promotes having fun with your dog. Tricks are a great

way to mentally challenge and mentally exhaust your dog while trying to master different and sometimes outrageous behaviours.

Listed are just some of the basic tricks we will be working on during

Level 1:

• Shake           • Back up        • Touch     

• Spin/twist     • High 5          • Figure 8

• Weave          • Rollover       • Dance

• Wave            • Kisses           • Bow

• Crawl           • Beg/sit pretty     • Paws up

• Hop              • Jump over arms  • Footsies






BATH & TIDY:  a wonderful rejuvenating bath with organic bathing products, includes: brushing, de-matting and de-shedding, bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, shaping cutting with shaver and/or scissors, sanitary trim, paw shave, and lotion.

FURMINATOR: great for spring/fall or whenever your dog is shedding/blowing their undercoats. If you are tired of vacuuming hair on a daily basis, this is for you. This de-shedding treatment helps lift that shedding undercoat out and off your pup, so they stay cooler, healthier and happier.

This treatment includes bath and brush out using our special de-shedding technique to reduce shedding up to 70%. Complimentary nail trim is included with this treatment.


BRUSH OUT:  Not shedding too bad and just need a bit of a brush out?  Our brush out sessions include 15 minutes of blissful brushing, leaving your dog relaxed yet rejuvenated and looking great!


NAILS: we offer a wonderful nail trimming (mani and pedi) treatment. 



* We ask that you please book at least 24 hours in advance, we also know life can get in the way - if you are in need of same day treatment, please call before 9:00am and we will do our best to accommodate you and your pup.

Come, Pl​ay, Stay!!

If we can answer any questions you may have of our services, please call or email us.

We are here to serve You and your Urban Companions!

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